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  • Hi, I am a Middle - High School Youth, How do I get a mentor in my life?
    Just fill out the Mentors Registration Form (MRF) and let us know that you need a mentor in your life. We will connect with you and set up an interview. You will also need to fill out the (MRF) in order to be a part of all URBANLIFE Events, Activities, Mentoring and After School Programs. Please Check the boxes that you have read over our Waiver and Covid guidlines.
  • How do I become a Mentor?
    Thank you for interest in being a part of the URBANLIFE Mentors team. STEP ONE: Fill out the Mentors Registration Form (MRF) Fill out the information and let us know that you are interested in becoming a mentor. This will give us a chance to learn about who you are and make an initial connect. STEP TWO: Get your Live Scan and TB report Every individual that volunteers, interns or mentors must provide a Live Scan and TB report prior to doing any youth work with us. If you're interested in working with youth, most, if not all organizations require both. You can get this done anytime on your own schedule and pay out of pocket. Check with your medical provider to see if they cover these Tests. Wellnessmart provides both tests. THREE: The Interview Process Every individual will go through an interview process. If it seems like a good fit for the organization, we will schedule an appointment with you and discuss our Missions and Vision, our Values and our Native Design. This is the what, why and how we do what we do. We will also discuss what kind of mentoring roles are available within the organization and how to best move forward in helping you become a mentor.
  • 10 Ways to get involved.
    If you have a specific expression and can help in following areas, please let us know. Some of these could be workshops that meet once or twice a week within a 90 min block. 1.) Art 2.) Chess 3.) Sports 4.) Dance 5.) Spoken word 6.) Photography 7.) Colleg Prep & Workshop Faciliator 8.) Aftershcool Program / Tutor 9.) Transportation Help for Events 10.) Faith Formation
  • Do you have a youth Intern program?
    YES! If you are in High School, You will also need to fill out the (MRF) Mentors Registration Form let us know that you are interested in a paid internship.
  • Do you collaborate with other organizations?
    YES! We currently collaborate with local shcools, organizations and churches to help in the development of our young emerging leaders and community care.
  • Are you avialable to speak, facilitate a workshop or help our team with leadership development?"
    YES! If you need a speaker or workshop facilitator for large or small events, spiritual services or leadership development, please message us and we can discuss the details. Our conversational content is unique and creative for youth, young adults or adult focused groups.
  • Do you have a faith community that I can be a part of?
    YES! We currently have two chruches meeting within the Hope Cener on Sundays at 8am and every second Sunday at 10:30am. For more information: Bay Community - 8am Oakland Worship Center 10:30am In the resource section of our website you will be able to view a few of the churches in Oakland that we recomend.
Youth Registration Form
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Privacy & Safety

We take every measure to ensure the safety of everyone who works within the organization and for those who are receiving services from the organization. We do not tolerate a hostile and disrespectful environment. No matter who you are or where you come from, Respect will be given and is expected. We have High Standards within ULM in order to maintain a positive and healthy youth mentoring experience. Please look at our Covid-19 guidelines and the Waiver before attending any of our URBANLIFE events.

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