Eric and Shawana Myhre are the Founders of URBANLIFE Mentors Inc., a non-profit organization that mentors youth, young adults and families. Having Been married for over 20 years has been one of the most amazing journeys for us. We have a unique and special gift to work together as the "The West Coast Fam" 

(Jadyn, Justyce and Jurni) to love and care for our Oakland Neighborhood. Being able to incorporate our Faith and Values through speaking, teaching and serving has been a beautiful expression of the work of the Holy Spirit moving within our lives. We hope and pray that we will honor God in all that we do. 


They have passionately worked with youth for over 20 years and love to develop young people, giving them life options to make wise choices. URBANLIFE was just a dream is something they often said, “We have these dreams in the basement of our hearts and they need to come out."

As they took the time to unpack that dream, it became a reality and an official non-profit in 2018.